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As the operator of a power plant, you work in an environment where the goal is electricity generation with 100% reliability. When failure is not an option, this demand generates a challenge to know the condition of all components on your units to mitigate the risk of a forced outage. With a lean on-site staff it is impossible to have your eyes on every risk point, however partnering with IAFD and our Plant Evaluation will give you a significant advantage. 

Our program puts eyes on your expansion joints, penetration seals and duct work that need inspection but are not always in your focus of view. Our online assessment will identify areas of weakness, severe risk and potential causes of forced outages. You will have the information needed to mitigate an immediate failure, plan preventive maintenance, and build a future repair budget for the next five years.

Our engineering-first approach has made IAFD the industry experts on expansion joints, penetration seals and liner plate systems. Over 20 years of gas turbine exhaust and HRSG experience allows us to spot today’s issues before they become tomorrow’s crisis. We apply all of our expertise through this service and provide you with the information you need to avoid major failures. Our Plant Evaluation starts with a member of the IAFD engineering team visiting site to do a complete walk down and evaluation of every fabric expansion joint, pipe penetration seal and major duct work.  We will document, detail and record images and thermography for all areas.

After the field inspection we return to the engineering department for organizing, processing and analysis of the entire unit. The result of our program is an independent, third party expert digital report featuring:

  • Complete catalogue of every fabric joint/seal featuring description type, location and quantity
  • Report card of every joint/seal including condition score and suggested replacement time
  • Unit layout, photograph and thermal photo of every joint and seal
  • Cold casing ductwork layout from CT to HRSG with condition and thermography
  • Prioritized schedule of all repairs with recommendations from critical to future forecast

The IAFD Plant Evaluation is unique in the industry in that it was developed entirely with the idea of providing ACTIONABLE INFORMATION to the plants to make maintenance decisions. We will put our eyes on all these critical components, evaluate and provide you the data needed to stay online and be reliable.

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