Safety at the Core

Safety is one of the cornerstones of our culture at IAFD. This mindset is instilled in every one of our employees starting with their first day and continuing every day thereafter. Our safety focus is one of the reasons why we only use our employees and no subcontractors when on site. It is impossible to create a safe work environment when there is no consistent view of safety and protocols. That is why everyone we bring to a job has our view of safety and has gone through our training programs. 

We understand that providing the best service to you includes not only an outstanding engineered product, but also a team of people that take safety as seriously as you do. Every time that we step through your gates on site to interact with your assets and your people is a privilege that we take incredibly seriously.

Experts Providing Turn-Key Solutions

Over the last two decades, we have developed turn-key solutions designed to create the best possible outcome for our customers. Our engineering team diagnoses the root cause of the issue, improving the OEM design, our manufacturing team builds the quality products and our field services team completes the turn-key process with the on-site installation.