IAFD has a large, dedicated team of engineers on staff. This group allows IAFD to be at the forefront of innovation in the power generation industry. Our engineers identify the problem, discover the root cause, and design a solution. The problem-solving focus has resulted in our engineering team designing hundreds of unique solutions to address OEM failures. In addition to years of experience at IAFD, our engineers have significant relevant experience related to the power industry. Our team has backgrounds in plant maintenance, plant engineering and plant inspections that helps bolster and further confirm the functionality of our designs. All this experience results in an engineering team that understands not only how an expansion joint or liner system works, but the challenges you face operating a power plant and the critical integration of our products. 

IAFD carries a robust engineering group with the purpose to support the influx of problems being discovered as the aging fleet of units operate its final chapter of life. A large percentage of the machines are presently 18-20 years old and experiencing significantly different repair needs than during their adolescence. We see the need for improved designs on weak components that were either not intended for this operation cycle or have simply worn out before the surrounding equipment. These items are installed when the units were new and many did not have a plan for repair in the life of the unit. This is where IAFD’s engineering department and resources of knowledge play a significant role in why we stand out above the rest. We determine the failure, what improvements it needs and then a plan on how to install successfully in the as-built environment.

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