Why Industrial Air Flow Dynamics?

IAFD has a unique approach to what we do that is unmatched in the industry. We have built a company that is able to provide innovative and efficient solutions to our customers’ problems. We are able to achieve this through our engineering first approach, our turn-key solutions and our world-class reaction time.

Engineering First Approach

The first step in our process involves our engineers and a root cause analysis. We discover what is broken so that we know what to fix. We solve the customers problem and our solution is an upgrade to the OEM design. That is how and why customers keep coming back. Every plant is unique as is every problem. We address this complexity through our engineering-oriented process of understanding and improvement. The IAFD solution is never “off the shelf” – it is a solution designed by our engineers for your problem.

Turn-key Solutions Provider

IAFD has created an offering that is truly seamless for the customer. We have multiple in-house teams that enable us to provide the highest quality outcome, all on time. Once engaged, IAFD controls every step of the process until the customer signs off completed. With a team of experienced engineers on staff, our engineering group plays a critical role. Together, they have designed hundreds of unique solutions to address OEM failures. The engineering group allows IAFD to be a leader in developing solutions to emerging issues across the power industry. IAFD has over 15 years of manufacturing experience, building the products designed by our engineering group. The manufacturing team works out of a recently opened state of the art manufacturing facility in Texas. By having manufacturing in house, IAFD is able to control delivery timing and quality. The field services division handles the last step in the IAFD turn-key solution by installing the products built by the manufacturing group. We ensure the highest quality work but using trained IAFD field service employees, never sub-contractors. Our employees have vast experience on every OEM turbine & HRSG. The IAFD truck fleet provides mobile tool capacity (all IAFD owned) allowing for nationwide service.


Reaction Time

Time is a critical factor for our customers and one of their primary concerns. Whether the situation is an unplanned outage or a pre-planned outage window, our customers rely on us to get the job done on time. IAFD has been built around the concept of being responsive to the customer resulting in us having the fastest turnaround time in the industry. This is driven by:

  • One stop solution – we handle our process entirely in-house (design, manufacture, install)
  • Nationwide presence – regardless of where your plant is, we can get our people there
  • Numerous parts in stock – if you need it, we have it
  • Entire company is located in the US – all of our team is domestic allowing for faster processing

Be Safe, Stay Safe. How We Work

At IAFD, safety is no accident. A well-managed safety process, quality training and safety-minded personnel are the cornerstones of our safety culture.

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