Our Story


IAFD was founded in 2001 after a simple request – a customer had a failed expansion joint and couldn’t find anyone to fix it. IAFD solved the issue, got the plant up and running all on schedule. At that time, IAFD was a small company but it was clear we were onto a big idea. From that first job and every job since we have been focused on solving our customers problems on their timeline. We expanded our offerings based on the problems our customers had. We followed that up in 2004 with our first HRSG liner system. In 2007, we installed our first pipe penetration seal. 


We have continued to invest in our company to meet the demands of our customers. In 2020 the company moved into a new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility located just outside of Houston, TX. This facility houses engineering, research & development, and manufacturing – allowing for our innovations to become a reality.

The history of IAFD is written through a commitment to problem solving and innovation. It is who we are as a company and it will continue to be the driver of our future success.