HRSG Liner Repairs

In conjunction with expansion joint replacements, many of the internal liner systems have deteriorated and need to be repaired. Some instances a simple removal and repacking of insulation can be sufficient, other times we have overhauled systems to better protect the belts and increase lifespan.  There are many common liner systems, the same arrangement across the fleet, that we have made upgrades to and sell in kit form.  With simply the type of CT and HRSG, we can supply a liner plate upgrade kit that will adapt to your surrounding liners and significantly increase protection for your expansion joint.  Here are some line plate kits specific to the CT type:

GE7FA HRSG Liner Repairs

GE7FA HRSG Liner Repairs

Mitsubishi 501G
Mitsubishi 501G HRSG Liner Repairs

Mitsubishi 501G HRSG Liner Repairs

SW501 HRSG Liner Repairs

Other HRSG Liner plate repairs we make are not always surrounding expansion joint but rather between them.  Many times the duct work liners can liberate pieces of hardware allowing the flue gas to wick out insulation and create hot spots.  We will remove the liners, replace all the stainless hardware, repack the insulation with dense high heat ceramic fiber and then reassemble the plating.  We have also made this same repair in cases where age and running have caused the insulation to ‘settle’ and as a result the plates chatter while running.  This is a symptom of the plates not being in compression and the next step may be a liberated plate.

Demo and hardware install:
HRSG Liner Repair Demo and Hardware Install

Insulated and plate reattached:
HRSG Liner Repair Insulated and plate reattached

Channels on and hardware killed:
HRSG Liner Repair Channels on and hardware killed